What is SHSAT?

Middle school 8th grade students in New York City take the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) to qualify for an admission into one of the 8 specialized high schools in New York.

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What is the challenge of the SHSAT?

The challenge of the SHSAT is that the student would have to read, comprehend, solve and bubble-in the answer for each of the 114 questions in about 90 seconds! Familiarity with SHSAT-style questions on various topics and extensive practice with numerous questions gives the skills and confidence for the SHSAT-Taker excel in the test. 

What is in the SHSAT LPX Test Practice?

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SHSAT LPX covers all parts of the test: ELA, paragraph development, reading, open-ended math questions and multiple choice math questions. With Online SHSAT LPX Test Practice, the students practice hundreds of reading passages and ELA questions, 

learn plenty of vocabulary words to improve comprehension, and solve thousands of open-ended and multiple-choice math questions. 

SHSAT LPX consists of over 3,000 SHSAT-style questions in 120 Question Sets (QSets):

SHSAT LPX Test Practice has been meticulously created using the same successful and result-oriented methodology practiced in Sam School courses which have helped hundreds of students to get high scores in standardized test and admissions in specialized high schools (such as the Stuyvesant High School, Bronx Science High School, the Hunter College High School and the Thomas Jefferson High School) in New York, Virginia and other places .

The students can practice and re-practice all the way till the test from anywhere and at anytime. 

The SHSAT LPX Test Practice is a perfect supplement for all students who prepare for SHSAT on their own or take SHSAT tutoring in their schools or with private tutors.

SHSAT Test Prep @ Sam School (formerly, PrepMate)

It’s a myth that students who get 70% or more in school are also strong in SHSAT math, readng and ELA!

The test contains 114 questions and must to be answered in 180 minutes. Therefore, the challenge of the test is that the student would have to read, comprehend, solve and bubble-in the answer in about 90 seconds for each question. Most 7th and 8th graders are actually not ready for the highly-challenging SHSAT test and DO NEED a professionally-offered SHSAT Test Prep course / practice to excel in the test.

SHSAT Prep @ Sam School is a highly motivating,  rewarding and happy-learning experience. With several years of successful experience in SHSAT (practice tests and test prep courses), Sam School offers the most effective SHSAT courses, video lessons and test practice products that help the SHSAT-Takers to excel with high scores in the test and secure an admission in a specialized high school.

Sam School has the highest success rate in the SHSAT year after year. This huge success is the outcome of our result-oriented SHSAT Prep which gives our students the necessary subject skills, smart strategies, plenty of practice and motivation – and – challenges them to achieve. We are proud of our achievers who are now in some of the greatest high schools in New York. (Some of them are already medical doctors, engineers and other professionals!)

Sam School's SHSAT Prep courses and products also help the students to perform well in the school.

Yes, at Sam School, we achieve. Come, achieve your SHSAT dreams with us!




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