SamSchool’s SHSAT / TJHSST Achievers List

(Sorry, this page has not been updated in a while..)

2017-18: 15 out of 20 SamSchool students got SHSAT admissions!
2016-17: 19 out of 25.
2015-16: 15 out of 19
2014-15: 15 out of 20.
2013-14: 14 out of 19.
2012-13: 15 out of 18.
2011-12: 17 out of 21.
2010-11: 13 out of 16.

Congratulations to all our achievers!

This huge success is the outcome of our result-oriented SHSAT Prep which gave them the necessary subject skills, smart strategies, plenty of practice and motivation – and – challenged them to achieve. We are proud of our achievers who’d be going to some of the greatest high schools in New York City this fall!

Yes, at SamSchool, we achieve. Come, achieve with us!

(Did you read these interesting comments of our students and their parents?)

Hundreds of students purchase SamSchool’s SHSAT Practice Tests for test prep every year since 2004 and get into Specialized High Schools. Here are some of them who got Specialized High School admissions this year! Congratulations!!



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