Some comments by Sam School Students and Parents...

Students Comments…
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Some interesting comments by SamSchool students of SHSAT and their parents.

— I am writing this email to thank you greatly for your help this past summer in preparing me for the SHSAT. I was informed today that I was accepted into the Bronx High School of Science. I could not have done it without you. Once again, thank you very much. -Samuel Odunsi

— Thanks. You really set him up very, very well. Thanks so so so so much! –Sam Pereleman’s Mom.

— Thanks for everything. You made tech possible! –Indrayuth.

— Aidan received an offer from Bronx School of Science. Thank you for preparing him for success! -Austin (also a SamSchool student who got Bronx Science!)

— Thanks, Mr.Shiv! Luke is really excited. -Spiros Rally (Luke’s Dad. All three of his sons – Spiros, Christopher and Luke – were SamSchool students for SHSAT and all of them got into specialized high schools!  )

— Joe got into Brooklyn Tech. I would like to thank you for all the help you provided to him. Your classes were very effective and Joe gained a lot of knowledge during that time. -Joe’s Dad.

— Thank you so much for your wonderful course and I will most certainly recommend your prep! -Mom of Sofia Koulanakis.

— Thank you for all your fabulous work with Austin and the rest of the students! You are a wonderful instructor. We are so happy with all that you have taught Austin. (Austin’s Mom)

— Thank you very much for all your guidance. I am very happy with Srinidhi’s results. Staten Islant Tech will be a good school for her. Dr.Akila Venkataraman (Srinidhi’s Mom)

— Thanks for your help and many, many thanks for your support! Srinivas (Lakshmi’s Dad)

— I just wanted to say thank you once more for the positive impact you had in Omolara’s life last year. Your classes gave Omolara so much confidence in herself and she was the Valedictorian of her class this June. She also applied and was accepted into the Gateway to Medicine Program at Brooklyn Tech. My entire family is grateful to you. Oluremi Omotosho (Omolara’s Mom) – Email sent on July 2, 2012.

— Andy has improved markedly in math and reading. He is now more confident and has a higher self-esteem than ever before! Rakesh Kissoon (Andy’s Dad)

— I learned many new strategies and test-taking skills. I have become a different person because of the course, which has been a life-changing experience! Andy Kissoon (SHSAT 2012)

— Ever since I came here, I have learnt a lot of things that I haven’t learnt in school. I also learnt many important things in life… Prashanth Maganti (SHSAT 2012)

— At first, I was like “this is not going to work, I am not going to improve…” But I was surprised to see I actually did!! Thank you! Jaspal Singh (SHSAT 2012)

— I had a great time at SamSchool! I learned lots of techniques and improved greatly with my math and test-taking skills. Gunpreet Singh (SHSAT 2012). He also got a new nick name @ SamSchool: GP!

— This course was challenging and very helpful. We learned how to solve complex problems and gained confidence. Srinidhi (SHSAT 2012)

— Your are a great teacher and your course is extremely rigorous and satisfying. Without this class, I would have no chance of getting into a specialized high school. Stephen Anku (SHSAT 2012)

— This course helped me in many ways. This course taught me how to do scrambled paragraphs in such a way that it is hard to get them wrong! It has taught me test taking skills that have definitely boosted my score. Ibrahim Biswas (SHSAT 2012)

— This test prep course was very helpful to me and I’m prepared to take SHSAT. I’m definitely going to leave here differently than whan I came here because I know much more things and it’s all because of SamSchool. Laura Anku (SHSAT 2011)

— SamSchool course has helped me a lot. I know if I didn’t take this course, I wouldn’t get the specialized high school I want to get into. I have especially improved my test-taking strategies. Mashfy Rahman (SHSAT 2011)

— Going from stupid to smart is a drastic transformation, but that’s what SamSchool did for me. Omolara Omotasha (SHSAT 2011).

— When my daughter Omolara came to SamSchool, her math was very weak. At SamSchool, we noticed an immense improvement in her math skills and confidence. We thank you for making this possible. You have a genuine interest and love for our children. You gave them extra sessions and even tutor them after hours. This is very impressive and shows dedication and commitment. We have only great things to say about SamSchool and would recommend your program any day. Oluremi Omotosho, mother of Omolara Omotasha (SHSAT 2011).

— The course is fantastic. I like math more than I used to. Thank you! Sabrina George (SHSAT 2011)


— I think SamSchool is excellent for SHSAT Prep. I have improved greatly after I came her. My teacher helped me understand lots of things I didn’t know before. Laila Aziem (SHSAT 2011)

— Laila got into Bronx Science. This is all due to your excellent teaching and wise instructions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Aziem, father of Laila Aziem (SHSAT 2011)

— Rigorous and good. I was content with the course. Markus Miranda (SHSAT 2011)

— I believe Markus wrote to you with his results. We are so pleased and I want to thank you for your efforts, the support you gave and keeping in touch. I am so happy that he went to your course and I will recommend it to others. Thanks again! Congratulations by the way on a successful teaching result! Cordelia, mother of Markus (SHSAT 2011)

— I really like SamSchool because it teaches you a lot. The work was hard and long, but it was worth it. I’d recommend SamSchool’s SHSAT Prep to my friends. John Likanje (SHSAT 2011)

— SamSchool has been really helpful and improved my math and made me feel confident that I could achieve something. Manvir Singh (SHSAT 2011)

— I am thoroughly engaged in the classes and I am confident that I will pass. Being part of SamSchool class is an honor. Thank you for everything! Alekya Kaveti (SHSAT 2011)

— This was very fun and educational. I really learnt a lot and it was very helpful. Salma Hussain (SHSAT 2011)

— I think SamSchool is awesome. I love SamSchool! Simran Jaspal (SHSAT 2011)

— I think SamSchool is great. SamSchool provided me everything I needed for SHSAT. Now I feel well-prepared and confident about this test. Thank you very much. Stephanie Yussef (SHSAT 2011)

— This test prep course was really helpful to me! Kulasekhar Maganti (SHSAT 2011)

— I love SamSchool because it helped my math. I went from hating numbers to loving them. I’m not afraid anymore to do math. I enjoy it. I went from stupid to smart in math. Thanks, SamSchool! Niema Widaha (SHSAT 2011)

— Incoming 7th graders, don’t waste your summer. Go to SamSchool Arsalaan Ansari (SHSAT 2011)

— SamSchool helped me A LOT with my math. My grade went up from 89 to 97. That not only made my parents proud, but made me more confident in my work. Thank you, SamSchool! Anisah Majica (SHSAT 2011)

— I think my classes here were great. We did A LOT of studying and I think that helped. SamSchool is the best SHSAT Prep. Nikki Saini (SHSAT 2011)

— SamSchool course was very helpful. Samhith Kotagiri (SHSAT 2011)

— This course was very interesting and fun. My math and other skills have improved very much. Karina Meythwar (SHSAT 2011)

Some comments of students and their parents in previous years

— I want to say thank you so much for being my teacher this summer for the SHSAT. I couldn’t have done it without your great instruction and SamSchool’s excellent resources! You have not only taught me how to solve SHSAT-type problems, but also time-saving techniques and many strategies. I would recommend SamSchool to anybody who wants to attend some of the best high schools in New York City. Alexandrina Danilov (SHSAT Score – 711/800)

— This prep is awesome! Girish Jayant

— I really appreciate all the help you have done and the support and encouragement you have given to Girish. I can’t find appropriate words to thank you! Girish’s Mom

— I only took 2 courses in my life. One at a tutor and the other at SamSchool. SamSchool beat the tutor like a land slide. I really didn’t learn that much with my private tutor. But I learnt ahead of of 8th grade when I was in 7th grade! If I could tell someone which learning center is the best, I’d say “SamSchool”! Ahsanul Torza

— I know I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much without SamSchool and would like to express my gratitude to you. Swathi Mettela (before the SHSAT)

— I’m incredibly glad I came to SamSchool because all my friends that went to K****n did guesswork for about 9 questions! Swathi Mettela (after the SHSAT)

— SamSchool helped me a lot! Naomi Yoko Metelitz

— Thank you for your encouragement. You helped her not only academically but also how to be a good focused student. We are grateful. Yoko Honda (Naomi’s mom)

— The courses were very rigorous and educative. I feel that I know a lot more than I did before I started! Sandesh Bhatt

— I really liked SamSchool. It helped me a lot in math. Thank you very much! Neel Panchal

— SamSchool was definitely a great and effective course. I learnt a lot from there! Aakash Kattelu

— This course is very good. I definitely recommend SamSchool to prepare for SHSAT! Evelyn Priya Uttikur

— SamSchool made me more confident and less worried about the test. It made me understand the concepts. Mario Mendez

— I think SamSchoolis a very good tutoring center because it explains all concepts thoroughly! Samrose Ahmed

— Since I stared at SamSchool, I notice a complete difference in my academic work. I had a great experience at SamSchool! Aliena Ali

— The course at SamSchool was awesome because SamSchool helped me with my reading comprehension and math. SamSchool is wonderful to study for SHSAT! Kulasekhar Maganti

— This is a very good course! Abrar Ahmed

— I feel that the course helped me organize myself and made me realize my strengths and weeknesses! Ramya Iyer

— Mr.Shiv, your class was very productive for me. I learned a lot of techniques on how to speed up in my test-taking procedures and skills. Plus, the class was fun! Yaseen Islam

— The course was good because we were given practice tests that were harder than the actual test. This way we can get better prepared for the test. Overall, the course was a lot better than I thought it would be! Ayesha Islam

— This is a whole lot better than K****n! Jediah Coleman

— I just want to say THANK YOU for teaching Jediah to prepare for SHSAT. Jediah is going to miss you. He told me you are a great teacher! Keiko Coleman, Jediah’s mom

— I got Bronx Science!!!! I am very happy that you were my tutor!!! Jediah Coleman – after February 11

— My experience at SamSchool was very… interesting. We all learned things that would contribute greatly to our SHSAT test score. You did a very good job. Keep up the great work! Justin Huang

— I am recommending you to a lot of parents. Besides the academics you became a strong counselor for our boys. I am cceing Karin (mom of another student), we do share the same thought and we will be always grateful to you! Simone (Felipe’s mom)


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