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Sam School for Test Prep, LLC, (formerly, PrepMate, Inc.,) is a progressive educational company, based in New York, USA, since 2009. At Sam School, we specialize in test prep for over a decade and we have successfully helped thousands of students to score well in standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, Regents and SHSAT.

Question Bank Developers

We need motivated professionals on assignment contract basis to develop question banks for our test prep courses and products. The question bank developers write and develop high quality questions and answers for standardized tests. Question banks are developed for various grade levels (K-12) and on various subjects, such as math, reading, English Language Arts, US History, Social Studies, and more. We provide necessary reference materials for question bank development.


How much can you earn?

This is a work-from-home online assignment on contract basis. Our team members develop questions for a few hours a day (weekdays and/or weekends) to earn valuable additional income - which is based on the quality and quantity of questions and answers. After we receive your resume, we'll make an offer and go from there.

How to apply?

If you are interested, please send your application as follows:

(1) A resume with the following info:

(2) Optional: Write a set of 2 your own questions and answer choices on any subject(s). See below for a couple of examples.

How to send the above docs?

Please prepare a Word doc with the above info and save the doc as a single PDF file. (Choose Save as from Word menu and select PDF format.) Send the PDF file to:  with email subject: "Question Bank Developer".

Sample questions:

(If you are hired, we'll provide necessary reference material to develop questions.)

Sample Math Question:

The average age of 10 persons in a room was 32. When the 2 oldest and the 2 youngest persons left the room, the average age of the remaining dropped to 28. What was the average age of the persons who left the room?

[A] 38

[B] 36

[C] 30

[D] 28

Sample Reading Question:

Read this sentence below:

This strategy helps in maintaining a balance between gains and losses of securities in a mutual fund and mitigates investment risks by people who are not familiar with stock markets.

The word mitigate means what?

[A] open the gate

[B] close the gate

[C] make less severe

[D] explain

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