What is LPXTM?
Learn. Practice. Excel.

Sam School LPXTM (Learn. Practice. Excel.) is a unique and outstanding online test practice system to prepare, practice and excel in standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, Regents, AP, SHSAT, and more.

LPX features:

How does LPX work?

Every LPX Test Practice consists of numerous, specially-prepared Question Sets (QSets) and each QSet consists of multiple questions on the same topic.

For example, an LPX Test Practice for a math test may consist of 40 QSets. One QSet may consist of 20 questions on percent one-liner questions and another QSet may have questions on 24 questions on algebra exponents, and so on.

Some QSets will have mixed questions as in real tests.

Here are some examples of QSets in LPX Test Practice: 

Each QSet consists of multiple questions on one topic, such as:

The student can select any QSet to practice questions. In practice mode, the LPX evaluates each answer and also shows the approximate time taken to answer the question. Valuable explanations and expert notes are available for many questions. On completion of the QSet, the LPX shows the score for the QSet and also sends out the score report by email to the parent / tutor. The student can re-practice any QSet to improve subject skills and the test-taking skills.

The QSets have been professionally-developed with test-style questions to help prepare for the tests in a methodical, organized way, improve performance in tests and boost test scores.


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