Geometry Practice Questions for High School and Middle School Students.

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What is this LPX Test Practice for?

High School Geometry LPX Test Practice offers geometry questions to practice for and get high scores in geometry exams and standardized tests such as New York Regents Geometry, California High School Geometry, Georgia High School Geometry, SAT and more. 

What is in the High School Geometry LPX Test Practice?

The High School Geometry LPX consists of over 1,200 multiple-choice and open-ended (constructed-response) questions in about 50 Question Sets (QSets) with high quality diagrams and print-like math characters and symbols. The LPX covers all topics of geometry such as coordinates, translations, transformations, lines, circles, shapes (triangles, quadrilaterals, etc.,), Pythagorean theorem, trignometry, and more. Explanations have been included to selected questions.

The High School Geometry LPX Test Practice has been meticulously created using the same successful and result-oriented methodology practiced in Sam School courses which have helped hundreds of students to get high scores in standardized test and admissions in specialized high schools (such as the Stuyvesant High School, Bronx Science High School, the Hunter College High School and the Thomas Jefferson High School) in New York, Virginia and other places .


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